Mittwoch, 7. April 2010

Interview with a Blogger

Hi Guys!
I would like to introduce you to a blogger. Her name is Cailin. She leads the blog I read her blog regularly and it is very fascinating and inspiring. She is young, she's Fashion conscious and she has her own style.
Here is an interview with her that I made to know her better.

How did you come to create a blog?
I was always interested in fashion and then one day I found on the internet and loved it,so I joined. Then my fashion interest grew and grew and I started to look at a lot of blogs and I really wanted to have my own one,because it seemed like a lot of fun,and I wanted to get a feedback and contact with people from all over the world,so I started blogging :)
Which blogs do you follow and why?
I follow lots and lots of blogs,I think I could follow every blog because I think they all have something special and it's just really interesting to read what other people from all over the world wear or like.
How would you describe yourself?
As a girl who loves life,interesting people and just doing what she wants to do. Life is short,so I try to do what makes me happy.
How do you choose your daily outfits?
I don't really have a special way to choose my daily outfits,normally I feel like wearing a certain dress or something and then I create an outfit around this dress or skirt or whatever.
What are your favorite colours?
All pastels,especially baby blue,adn for clothing black and navy.

What do you prefer to wear? pants or skirts?
Defenitely skirts!
Who or what inspires you? Are there specific famous people who inspire you or are you inspired by magazines and street style?
I think I get inspired by everything,famous people like for example Alexa Chung,magazines, especially Nylon Magazine, just "normal" people on the streets and other blogs of course. But I try to create my own style,I don't want to copy anyone.
How do you feel when somebody calls you fashionable?
Of course it makes me happy if someone tells me they like my style but it means a lot more to me if someone tells me they like my personality,because that's what really counts. I believe a lot of people may think that I am quite shallow,and that fashion means everything to me,but that's not true. Of course,I am really interested and love fashion,but I don't think everybody must be into fashion,I admire people who just wear what they want, and I really don't think that fashion is the most important thing in life.
What is the must-have of 2010?
I don't believe in things like that,everybody should just wear what they want to. Just because something is "en vouge" or trendy doesn't mean that you "must-have" it or have to like it.

Wooooheee look at her. Isn't she beautiful? And her answers are very impressive. I have to say that I like her even more because I get the impression that she is a very natural and nice person.


Cailin Klohk hat gesagt…

Hihi danke ♥

Sarah hat gesagt…

Great interview- she has lovely style! x

Hanna hat gesagt…

Ich mag den Blog auch! Tolles Interview. Vielleicht kommst du ja mal bei mir vorbei. Dann führen wir mal ein Interview! Nicht? :)

Mila hat gesagt…

I love your blog,following!!
Also,I love this girl,her style is great!

Danielle Barbe hat gesagt…

very cool. and i like her blog!

Anonym hat gesagt…

great interview ! :)

Tammy hat gesagt…

ich liebe den blog, tolles interview!
hier noch ein tipp für alle mode-fans: hat grade ein tolles gewinnspiel am laufen, bei dem man sein traumoutfit gewinnen kann. wär schön wenn ihr mitmacht und sagt, dass ihr den tipp von mir habt; für weitersager gibt es nämlich einen sonderpreis :)

Camilla hat gesagt…

cute blog x


parti favors hat gesagt…

Hello, I think this is such a nice info in this blog and link related fashion style you have shared with us. I like it because i was seeking for such type of info.

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